Wonderful coffee properties for beauty

In addition to the fact that thanks to caffeine, coffee stimulates, oxygenates, improves concentration and tastes great and works on the senses with a beautiful fragrance, it also has many cosmetic qualities.
Coffee beans contain caffeine, theophylline and chlorogenic acid - substances that have a positive effect on our beauty.

Caffeine is one of the most important anti-aging ingredients in many cosmetics. It improves microcirculation in the skin, has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help combat various skin imperfections. It is also added to eye creams. It has a beneficial effect on microcirculation in the capillaries of the skin - it widens them and thus improves blood flow, which helps remove dark circles under the eyes. Caffeine contained in shampoos and hair conditioners significantly increases their growth. Caffeine body cosmetics accelerate the burning of fats in the body, so they have a slimming effect on the body. Especially noteworthy is the coffee scrub, which you can do yourself at home.

Benefits of home peeling with ground coffee:

improves skin tone
fights celluit
smoothes and firms the skin
stimulates blood circulation
It smells great and has a relaxing effect
Coffee peeling recipe:

We brew ground coffee. Pour about half a glass of coffee into the bowl, pour boiling water above the level, after about 10 minutes pour the excess water and we have ready coffee gruel.
We add favorite ingredients: sea salt, cinnamon, olive oil or brown sugar.
Peeling can be used in the shower every few days. To achieve a stronger effect, after applying, wrap the body for about 20 minutes with cling film, then rinse in the shower.

Do not use immediately after depilation.

After the procedure, you can relax with a cup of wonderful coffee.

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