5 golden rules of successful women

1. Getting up early - most successful women, before they get back to work for good, prefer to get up early, prepare a nutritious breakfast, run or exercise and start the day with such positive energy. If you run your business, you can organize everything exactly like that.
2. Set a financial goal exactly - only people who know what they want have a chance to achieve it. Before you apply for a raise, think about how much you care about
3. Delegate tasks - it doesn't matter if they are household chores or a project you will implement. There are plenty of people around who can take over some of your duties
4. Choose your mentors carefully - the most important thing is that they are people with more and more interesting experience than yours, but also those with whom you will be happy to talk
5. Look for inspiration everywhere - it is curiosity about the world and learning new things that makes you stay young longer and have more energy. In addition, if you develop your creativity, it will be easier for you to find solutions in various life and business situations.


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