Delicious muffins

Muffins are tasty small cupcakes ideal for parties, meetings with family, coffee or tea and children's celebrations. In addition, they are easy to make and have many flavors. In addition, muffins can be beautifully decorated, and even matched to the style of the celebration or make them a leitmotif.

Obrazek posiada pusty atrybut alt; plik o nazwie jaffa-1329679_960_720.jpg
One of the basic recipes are yogurt muffins, which are delicate and simply delicious.

1 cup sugar

1 small yogurt

half a cube of melted butter

2 cups of wheat flour

2 eggs

a teaspoon of baking soda

In one bowl, we combine sugar, flour and soda, and in the other, yogurt, eggs and butter. Then combine both masses but only until connected. The mass should be mixed with a spoon only for a while, then the muffins will be perfect.

We put in decorative curlers and sheets for 12 muffins. We bake 20 minutes at 180 degrees.

Muffins with chocolate


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