Bath in rose petals

Each of us can feel like Cleopatra and take advantage of a sensual bath in rose petals. Just a little imagination and preparation to turn the bathroom into a home luxury spa. Ingredients of a relaxing ceremony: petals of several roses bath oil, e.g. vanilla favorite scented candles, e.g. vanilla relaxing music A bath in the warmth of candles and a beautiful scent will facilitate relaxation and allow you to gain internal balance. Vanilla oil has a relaxing effect, while a candle with a beautiful aroma gives the feeling of exoticism and wealth. Relaxing music will create the right mood and transfer our thoughts to beautiful places. Rose petals nourish and moisturize the skin. They regenerate, stimulate collagen production, so they have anti-wrinkle properties. The skin after the treatment is sensual and soft to the touch, and the mind relaxed and open.


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