French style in fashion

French style in fashion comes from the old traditions of the French bourgeoisie, which are still alive. Particularly in the 19th century, other circles were inspired by these canons. French style is unforced elegance. This kind of elegance, which is not for show, has no extravagance but maintains moderation.

„French women are still characterized by moderation and attention to detail. They can still be extremely attractive, avoiding exaggeration, dressing with humor and ingenious ”

Christophe Lemaire

Many women try to discover the secret of Parisian women. They wonder what „something” in French style is. Although they avoid harmony and boredom and mix together various elements of clothing, they achieve an amazing effect. Meanwhile, the secret often lies in the careful selection of trends, searching for new products and unique things. Certainly Parisian chic is not only a wardrobe condition but above all a mind. The French trust themselves and if they decide on something they are sure. They love to wear high heels, even on amazing heels. They have it in their blood together with elegance.

„An elegant girl is one who is reasonable, can choose the outfit to suit the situation, dresses with a sense of humor. And it never looks dressed up. And above all, he can bring out personality without trying to become like anyone. It is also very important not to forget about being yourself. ”

Alain Chamfort

Quote taken from the book „French chic” Isabelle Thomas, Frederique Veysset


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