Pink color in a business dresscode

Colors in business are an important element of the dress code because they are often an important element of marketing communication and build a business image. By far the best color in business is pomegranate, which inspires respect and trust and is associated with professionalism, management, competences and quality, When is the right blush, which is increasingly found in business? When we want to emphasize the feminine image and in some industries, which is a perfect example of fashion houses. In addition, pink is often found at training sessions, events or networking meetings, where we want to look professional and business but add some color. A positive feature of pink is also the fact that it blends beautifully with traditional business colors: navy blue, graphite, black. From a psychological point of view, to achieve image success, however, you should focus on the entire outfit, which means that an elegant pink knee-length dress with a jacket in a different color and professional accessories can provide an extremely positive effect.


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